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Casino chips with Ace of hearts and Ace of clubs cards

Online Video Poker is the ideal combination of online slot mechanics and poker strategy. So, if you’re a slots player, you can be a video poker online player; likewise, if your poker face is on the money, then video poker is the casino game for you!

How Video Poker Online Works

We know that Video Poker online is a mix of online slots and the table game, poker. Arguably, poker and slots are two of the most popular casino games across the globe at both land-based and online casinos but video poker online has its own variations. Naturally, these will have their own set of rules too. Here, we attempt to go over them that you will find in our casino games lobby and go through how video poker works so if you don’t know how to play video poker we’ve got you covered.

After you’ve created your Grand Eagle account or downloaded the android app, you can navigate to our casino games lobby and find the following to play video poker online:

  • Jacks or Better
  • Deuces Wild
  • Double Bonus
  • Aces and Faces
  • Joker Poker
  • Tens or Better

Now, let’s get into the basic rules of online video poker and get the odds stacked in your favor! One of the distinct features of video poker online games is the presence of RNG which is aimed at giving you fair gameplay and does not unfairly benefit the house. The goal of video poker is to obtain a specific hand of cards that offer a payout, a major payout is preferred!

Each of the above have different rules but they are based on the classic 5 card draw. There are several hands in video poker, we go over the various winning hands and terminology below. Video poker online falls in the category of casino games with the lowest house edge, this means you have greater odds of winning in a game of video poker compared to slots or poker! We’re bet you’re starting to see why this is the casino game for you.

How To Win At Video Poker

Video poker online and traditional video poker are ultimately casino games of chance. While there are several video poker strategies and tips that will improve your odds of winning, you are at the mercy of the draw and how you play your hand makes you a winner. Familiarizing yourself with video poker terminology is the groundwork to understanding the various video poker hands and will help you choose which video poker strategy to use and when. Even if you’re a season poker player, you’d benefit from this refresher:

Term Description.
One Pair  two cards that are the same.
Two Pair two sets of pairs.
Straight cards that follow a sequence from any suit.
Flush cards that have a matching suit and are not in running order.
Straight Flush  cards in a sequential order that are the  same suit.
Royal Flush  the most desired of hands.
Three of a Kind  three match cards, sharing the same value.
Four of a Kind four matching cards, sharing the same value.
Full House this hand features three of a kind and a pair.

Types Of Video Poker Online Compared

As mentioned earlier, different types of video poker will have their own rules but we’ve selected two popular types to put through a comparison for you. Introducing:

1 – Jacks or Better, without any wild card or bonus round complication and with a simple paytable. 

2 – Deuces Wild, with more hands to complete, a complicated paytable.

While both are exciting variations, Jacks or Better is considered the pioneer in the video poker boom and for that reason we award Jacks or Better the winner in this comparison. However, you urge you to make your own decision and give Deuces Wild a spin! 

As a perfect hybrid, the benefits of playing video poker are numerous; the most common benefits are clear payouts, ease of play, a good return to player (RTP), fast and convenient gameplay online, free play, and real money winning potential. We end our list of video poker benefits with several types of video poker found in the casino games lobby at Grand Eagle!

You’re all set to play your best hand at any Video Poker variation in our games lobby; simply click the sign up button to claim your welcome package today!