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Grand Eagle is a premium online blackjack real money casino that offers blackjack variations like American, European, Spanish21, Singe Deck, Multi Hand and even live blackjack. With curated casino games and variations from world class software providers, we deliver cutting edge excitement and pristine graphics.

Turn your love for fun into real money winning potential with our strategies, tips and options. Refine your strategy and win at Grand Eagle casino.

We Have The Best Online Blackjack Variations

Any online casino should have several blackjack variations to even make the list of the best online blackjack platforms. We have a substantial amount of variants for you to play! You can even visit our live dealer lounge and play live blackjack online! All the blackjack variations will typically have their own set of rules and winning options. The following are the best online blackjack variants found in table games lobby:

European Blackjack

Played with two decks of cards and is widely considered the most popular blackjack version. In this version, you are dealt two face-up cards while the croupier gets one face-down card. After looking at your hand, you will need to decide on how you would like to proceed – hit or stand.


Is played for the benefit of lower odds and we have the removal of numbers 8 and 10 to thank for it. In this version, if you don’t like the hand you’re dealt, you may call a late surrender.

American Blackjack

Similar to European blackjack, this version is played using 6 to 8 decks of cards. Here, you can purchase insurance if the croupier’s face-up card is an Ace and you can also split a matching hand.

Single Deck Blackjack

This variant has a lower house edge than Multi-hand blackjack because blackjacks are more regular. A single deck of cards is used and the payout for insurance bets are 2:1, while payout for blackjack is 3:2.

Multi-Hand Blackjack

Like the name suggests, this version allows you to play multiple hands, making the blackjack game more exciting. While there is excitement you need to be cautious of multiple hands and multiple amounts either won or lost!

Live Blackjack

Live blackjack falls into the live casino category, with rules similar to online blackjack but with an immersive experience. Imagine, you’re stuck at the airport with a delayed flight and you want to play live blackjack online. Live Blackjack Is the solution! All you need is to log into your account with us, connect and enjoy the HD streaming.

How To Play Blackjack Online For Real Money

Now that you know what the most played version of real blackjack online is, it’s time to get into how to play blackjack online for real money! As mentioned earlier, the goal in this game is to beat the dealer in 1 of 3 ways. These are:

  • Land blackjack or 21 with two face-up cards
  • Get a hand greater than dealers without getting to blackjack
  • Let the dealer bust i.e go over 21

There are essential strategy tips to play blackjack online for real money that will help achieve the outcomes above. Knowing when to Hit, Stand, Double, Split and Surrender is a basic essential. It should also be incorporated in your gameplay to increase your odds of winning.

Basic Tips And Strategies:

  • manage your bankroll effectively, don’t chase losses or wins – enjoy the game because blackjack flows in streaks.
  • know when to split/hit/stand
  • Never split 10 value cards or a pair of 5 value cards but do split a pair of aces and 8’s
  • Always double your bet if your first 2 cards total 11

Real Money Blackjack Online Terminology

You’re just about ready to play your best online blackjack real money game, once you read through this list of online blackjack terminology you’re all set. There are inherent benefits to understanding blackjack terms – the biggest and most advantageous is the possibility of it leading to real money wins! Here’s is a basic list of important blackjack terms:

  • Blackjack – is the name of the game and of course the best hand! This includes an Ace card a number 10 card
  • Upcard – refers to the croupiers face-up card
  • Hit – our favorite terms, this is used when you’re asking for another card
  • Stand –  essentially this happens when you are dealt a winning hand or as close to a winning hand as possible
  • Split – would be a go-to when you are dealt two cards of the same value. A split requires  you to play both hands till you opt to hit, stay or bust
  • Double – this occurs after you’ve received two cards and if one more card is what you need to win then you may double your wager
  • Hole card – a face-down card that is only revealed upon your decision to proceed
  • Even Money – this is essentially an insurance decision and  happens when the croupier has an Ace and you have a blackjack resulting in a 1:1 payout
  • Surrender – surrendering means you give half your wager back and occurs after you’ve weighed the odds of you winning.

Now you have the basics to play, get your online casino blackjack winning streak going with us! Online casino blackjack at Grand Eagle is safe, stacked with winning potential and exciting.

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