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Eat, sleep, win baccarat online, and repeat sounds much like “bet on the banker, player, or a tie and repeat”! That is exactly how simple we’ve made playing baccarat online at Grand Eagle Casino. Here, you have all the benefits of online gaming coupled with the thrill of brick-and-mortar casinos in the palm of your hands.

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Immersion In Versions Of The Online Baccarat Game

For new gamblers learning the names of different games can be overwhelming and then finding out that there are in fact several variations of the casino game can be immense to understand. Most times, the different versions will have different rules and even a veteran gambler may let a rule slip. We’re here to help. In this particular card game there are indeed several popular versions but we will be looking at the most played version – these are:

3 Card Baccarat

This Baccarat game is commonly played in East Asia more than any other part of the globe. It is played with a single standard 52-card deck and includes optional side bets with each box getting 3 cards. The best hand in 3 Card Baccarat is 3 face cards and payouts 1:1. A noteworthy point is that most casinos take a 3% cut on all Player bets so we recommend betting on the Banker.

Baccarat Banque

Baccarat Banque is typically played more in Europe, using 3 decks of cards. This baccarat game has similar rules to Chemin de Fer with a notable difference regarding the Banker. In this version, the Banker is the player that places the highest bet, when his/her funds run out, the role of the Banker will be given to the next player with the highest bet. However, the role is entirely symbolic because the casino holds the bank. This particular version is favored by high rollers because the total bets placed by players cannot be higher than the Bankers.

Chemin de Fer

This version of Baccarat is popular among French gamblers and is played using 6 decks of cards. Here, all players get an opportunity to be the Banker making it more interactive and suitable for Live Baccarat. The cards are dealt face down in Chemin de Fer and winning hands payouts 1:1.

Punto Banco

Punto Banco is Spanish and Punto is Player and Banco is the Bank. It is played with 6 or 8 card decks and the house takes a 5%  commission. Punto Banco is by far the most popular baccarat game.

How To Play Baccarat Online Real Money

The goal in a game of Baccarat online real money is to get a hand that equals 9 or a hand that’s closest to 9. Card values are important in this game – all face cards and 10’s equal 0, while cards from 2 to 9 are equal to their respective values, while Aces equal 1. There are 3 main bets you can place – the Player, The Banker and a Tie. Now that you have the basics, log into your account, navigate to the casino lobby and select a baccarat game that you would like to play. 

Like most table games, there are several baccarat strategies that exist and are geared toward improving your winning odds. Here are some strategies that you can use while playing baccarat with us:

  • One Side: by far the most common baccarat strategy! It focuses on bets made on either the Player or Banker and permits the player to change their bet after 3 loses.
  • 1-2-3-4: focuses on the manner in which bets are increased. A player must adjust their bet accordingly to ensure protection from major losses.
  • Paroli: regarded as a positive betting system and requires a player to increase their wager everytime they are dealt a winning hand.

While strategy and skill can help improve your odds, Baccarat is ultimately a game of luck and chance. You can get more from your baccarat online real money experience with helpful baccarat tips too.

  • Use the baccarat betting strategies above to mitigate losses
  • Limit Tie bets – Tie bets are associated with lower odds and higher house edges
  • Banker bets are the way! The Banker bet has higher winning odds, compared to Player bets.

Play Live Baccarat Online

Now, we come to the debate of online baccarat live dealer vs online baccarat. Both versions can be played for real money and are available with us. The house edges and differences among the versions remain. Live baccarat online gives you land-based high roller lounge vibes in the comfort and convenience of wherever you are! We think that Baccarat Banque is the best baccarat version to play at our Live Dealer Lounge. Ready to try it?

In addition to the variants, our baccarat online players get exclusive access to baccarat tournaments and bonuses! Be sure to sign up to our regular emails and newsletters or activate the notifications on your Android casino app. Our baccarat online bonuses are tailored to give your bankroll a boost, signup and claim your bonus today!

All you need is to signup and create a Grand Eagle Casino account or log into your casino account and play baccarat online!